Kitchens are special places in homes, and they need the right flooring to withstand our daily lives while looking beautiful. The kitchen is where we stand for hours making meals for friends and family members, and it’s where those same people gather to chat with us while we cook.

So when you’re choosing the best flooring options for your kitchen, consider the room itself. Living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms see different foot traffic than the kitchen does. Here’s what to consider when you’re choosing a type of flooring for your kitchen.

The Do-It-All Floor

No pressure for our kitchen floors, but we need flooring materials that can do it all. Let’s look at the many qualities of a great kitchen floor:


Think about what goes on in your kitchen. Cooking causes splatters and spills. Family members go in and out of the refrigerator with glasses of liquid and messy snacks. And then there’s our feet. When people leave their shoes on, your kitchen floor sees high heels, gym shoes, and wet winter boots through the years. The kitchen requires the toughest of floors.


In a kitchen, you need a floor that doesn’t quit when you spill a glass of water. With the right floor, you can wipe up the mess knowing it’s no big deal.


You need a scrubbable floor in your kitchen for those extra-messy days. Dirt builds up as we live our daily lives in and out of our favorite room.


As the seasons change, so do our tastes. Last year, you wanted an all-white kitchen, but now you want something darker. Choose flooring for your kitchen that suits many designs so that you don’t have to buy new flooring every time you get a creative whim.

Flooring Options

With so many requirements for a kitchen floor, what are the best options? There are a few we feel are most suitable for a kitchen:

  1. Hardwood or engineered hardwood: Hardwood durability combined with a finish such as WearMax DWR checks all the boxes for a kitchen floor. Plus, one quality of hardwood flooring that you won’t find in any other flooring is that it’s natural, so you can add different stains and finishes to fit the look. The addition of our underlayment also provides the added bonus of reducing noise, softening your step, and protecting your subfloor.
  2. Tile: Tile is waterproof and easy to clean, with moderate durability. The downsides to tile flooring include its higher cost, higher weight, lack of ability to hold heat, and slippery effect when wet.
  3. Vinyl and Laminate: Both vinyl and laminate are versatile in appearance, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install. Unfortunately, these products fall short when it comes to durability, cleanability, and beauty through unique aesthetics.

What’s Best for You?

Learning about the best flooring options for your home can be helpful when you’re deciding what’s right for your family. Consider your lifestyle, how long you expect to stay in your home, any life changes ahead, and how often you use your kitchen. Start with a budget and go from there—don’t fall in love with a floor you can’t afford.

Flooring is the foundation of your kitchen. Think of it as the canvas for everything else you’ll display, such as the counters and cabinets. Choose wisely and your kitchen floor can last for decades.

At From the Forest, we offer only the highest quality in wood choices proudly made in the USA. Whether you’re dreaming of dark engineered wood flooring or a beautiful white oak, we have every color and wood species to select from.



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